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Service Bulletin I-8 Handlebar Support Bracket For 149-249 Models


This part was not listed in our 149-249 Model Parts List as a separate item. It was included in the handlebar complete assembly.

The handlebar brackets are now available and may be ordered from our Parts Department according to the part number and description shown.

l – #1229003 Handlebar Support Bracket – $2.45 list. (This item is available for immediate delivery.)


  1. Insert a steel rod of proper size in a hole “A” and spread opening “B” just enough to allow it to pass over the small diameter of the handlebar, approximately .870″ or 7/8″. CAUTION: Do not spread clamp more than specified. Undue flexing of clamp will cause breakage.
  2. Close the clamp carefully by inserting rod in clamp screw hole “A” and use as a lever to “roll” clamp closed until the opening “B” is about 1’8″ wide and holes “A” and “C” are in line. NOTE: AVOID RE-OPENING CLAMP ONCE CLOSED.
  3. Install the pinch screw.
  4. Assemble the handlebars on the machine and tighten the clamp stud nuts.
  5. Adjust the handlebar position and tighten the pinch screw in the handlebar support brackets.
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