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Service Bulletin I-6 Front Fork Improvements on 149-249 Models


I. Three improvements have been made in the forks to prevent fluid loss and overcome metallic contact at the top and bottom of the fork travel.

  • A) 2 – #1762010 Fork Fluid Seal
    This spring loaded fluid seal is being assembled in place of the original top seal, which has no spring, to assure a more positive seal where the sliding action takes place on the fork leg.
  • B) 2 – #1796010 Fork Plunger Recoil Sleeve
    This sleeve has been incorporated in the plunger assembly (#1892004) to improve the fork action and to overcome the metallic noise on the rebound.
  • C) 2 – #1710013 Rubber Impact Cushion
    This part has been added to overcome the metallic noise when the fork leg reaches the bottom of its travel.

These parts may be ordered from our parts· Department or your distributor on regular Part Order Blanks, Form M-720.


  • A) Remove the fork leg members from the motorcycle (refer to Service Manual, Page I-43, for detailed instructions).
  • B) Disassemble the fork legs.
  • C) Convert fork plunger, as shown and explained on the attached sketch. (Be sure to remove all flux and excess brass or solder before reassembling.)
  • D) Reassemble fork legs.
    1) Clean the seal seat in the lower fork tube thoroughly.
  • 2) Place the impact cushion in the lower tube.
  • 3) Coat the spring seat gasket with sealing compound and place it on seat at the end of the plunger assembly.
  • 4) Assemble the fork plunger assembly into the lower fork member.
  • 5) Assemble the lockwasher and nut, then tighten securely.
  • 6) Pour 6 oz. of Fork Fluid in each fork let. 2 to 3 ounces of Houdaille Shock Absorber Fluid (heavy type) may be mixed with the Indian or Lovejoy Shock Absorber Fluid for Double and cross country riding.
  • 7) Place the spring in position.
  • 8) Assemble the upper fork tube.
  • 9) Assemble lockwasher and nut, then tighten securely.
  • 10) Install the slipper bushing.
  • 11) Install the lower original seal in place, then the new spring loaded seal, with the lips of both of them pointed down. The feather edge of the seal must be clean and care taken that it is not upset or damaged.
    NOTE: Apply a light coat of sealing compound on the outside of the seals before installation.
  • 12) Assemble the seal retaining ring in place.
  • 13) Assemble the fork leg members in the fork head and complete assembling the entire front end, as explained in the Service Manual.

The attached drawing shows —

  1. The spring loaded fluid seal.
  2. The fork plunger recoil sleeve which restricts the flow of fluid through the passage at the end of the plunger stroke and dampers the recoil action hydraulically.
  3. The rubber impact cushion which absorbs the shock and silences the metallic noise when the upper fork member reaches the end of its travel.

Instructions for converting the fork plunger to install the plunger recoil sleeve and impact cushion are shown on the drawing at A, B, and C.

See Image Above.

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