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As we are just starting the 1939 season, this is a good time to call to your attention the matter of handling adjustments as well as the return of goods for credit.

Each new machine, when shipped, has a red guarantee card, which should be filled out and signed by the dealer, and mailed to this Company immediately after the sale is completed. THIS IS OUR RECORD OF THE SALE AND ALL ADJUSTMENTS ARE CHECKED AGAINST THIS RED CARD. YOUR NEGLECT TO FILE IT WITH US DEPRIVES YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMER OF THE GUARANTEE.

We furnish dealers with replacement tags which are to be filled out and attached to each part sent us for adjustment. Failure to do this when sending such parts, simply holds up your shipment, for no replacement parts are inspected until these tags are received, properly filled out. If your supply is exhausted, order under Form N0. M-463.

Concerning the guarantee replacements on equipment used on our machines, not of our manufacture, such as magnetos, generators, etc., these parts are guaranteed by the Company who makes them. These Companies prefer to make their own adjustments, therefore, if you will attach a guarantee tag, properly filled out, to any material of this nature, shipping it direct to the manufacturer, you will save considerable time in having your parts inspected. The shipping of such parts to us simply involves unnecessary time and expense, for we have to reship it the various Companies. The addresses of these firms to which such parts should be sent are as follows:

Heac!lights) T$.illights) Stnplights) Ammeters: ~Switches: Chains RacU0 s and ) Radio Pr-:\rt s) Marvel Carburetor Division Borg-Warner Corporation Flint, Michigan ~illard Storage Batt~ry Co. S, C. Aikenhead 246 E. 131.st Street Clev,::;land, Ohio Corbin Scrow Corp. New Britain, Conn. Corcorrin Brown L81Dp Division Electric Autn-Lite Co. Cincinnati, Ohio · Air Devices Corporation Div. Conn. Tel & T.el. Corp. · Meri.den, Conn. Mico, Incorporated Millerton, N2w York BRldwin-Duckworth Chain Corp. Springfield, Mass. RCA Mfg. Co. Inc. Police Radio Sales R. G. Pettingill C.g_rnnen, New Jersey

Complete Generators:Owen Magnetic Corp. Syracuse, New York
Genera tor Parts)
Coils – Horns)
Distributor Parts )
Electric Auto-Lite Co.
R. J. Moran
Toledo, Ohio
Magneto Parts)
Spark Plugs)
Edison-Splitdorf Corp.
Wm. Greenop
West Orange, New Jersey
Carburetors and)
Carburetor Parts)
Marvel Carburetor Davidson
Borg-Warner Corporation
Flint, Michigan
Batteries:Willard Storage Battery Co.
S.C. Aikenhead
246 E. 131st Street
Cleveland, Ohio
Speedometers:Corbin Screw Corp.
New Britain, Conn.
Corcoran Brown Lamp Division
Electric Auto-Lite Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ammeters:Air Devices Corporation
Div. Conn. Tel & Tel. Corp.
Meriden, Conn.
Switches:Mico, Incorporated
Millerton, New York
ChainsBaldwin-Duckworth Chain Corp.
Springfield, Mass.
Radios and)
Radio Parts)
RCA Mfg. Co. Inc.
Police Radio Sales
R.G. Pettingill
Camden, New Jersey

We have this past season, handled many new parts that were returned for credit, having been ordered wrong or for which the customer did not call. This has grown to such an extent that it has become necessary to change our policy for handling parts of this kind in the future. Therefore, from this date on, any new parts accepted by this Company for credit, will be accepted less a 10% handling charge.

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We supply to our dealers “Return Material” forms for the return of any parts to the factory, and if you will use these when making shipments checking for disposition, the shipment will be given immediate attention upon its arrival.
These forms can he ordered under No. F-6001.

If you will follow these suggestions for the coming year, it will greatly expedite the handling of all shipments made
to this Company.


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