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  5. 82 – Auxiliary Generators on “438” Models in Police Use

We have found that in some Police Depatments using the “438”
models, the machines are ridden at such low speeds that it is
next to impossible to keep the battery charged properly.

This condition is further aggravated when police radios are
used on the machines.

To overcome this condition in the departments affected, we
have an auxiliary generator that Can readily be attached.

If you have any 438 models in Pol ice use giving this trouble,
furnish us with the motor number and we will supply this
auxiliary generator equipment to you with all necessary parts.
These will be invoiced to you at $12.00 net per set.

When installation of this generator is made, you will have
dual generators, the auxiliary supplying current at extremely
low speeds, the main generator cutting in at hi-speed .

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