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The following change in the cam case breathers is recommended on all 338
motors to reduce breather losses to a minimum:

1 – Remove and discard breather tube at oil pump.
2 – Plug breather tube hole in oil pump body with 1/4″ pipe plug.
3 – With cam case cover in place, add holes as shown in fig. 1. Be sure spot face is Smooth and flat. Use hard grease on drill, and tap points.
4 – Install 40807 breather tube assy. (Modol 337) using 28B43 breather disc.
5 – Caro must be taken in machining the cam case cover to insure a smooth
flat disc for the breather disc. This is necessary if the valve is
to function properly.

The parts required are as follows:

1 – 3″6B269 Pipe plug for oil pump body.
1 – 40807 Cam case breather tub assy.
1 – 28Bl23 Breather cage gasket.
1 – 28B43 Breather disc.
2 – D24305 Cage scrow.
2 – 27Bl71 Fiber washer.

The necessary parts to make this installation on all Indian Chiefs that have
been shipped to date, will be mailed you without charge.
If any dealer is not equipped to drill the cam case covers, please return
them to the factory and we will see that they are machined, drilled; and
returned immediately.

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