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216 – Information On Model 149-249 Fork Leg


How to Disassemble the Model 149-249 Fork Leg:

  1. Remove special plunger rod nut at top end of fork member.
  2. Remove lock wire from groove in top of lower fork member above the oil seals.
  3. Pull up on the upper tube to bump the bushing and oil seals free from the top of lower tube.
  4. Lift out the fork spring.
  5. Pour the fluid out of the lower tube.
  6. Remove fork plunger nut from inside of forging at the end of the fork leg.
  7. Remove fork plunger.
  8. Remove rubber bumper ring from inside lower tube. (The fork leg is now completely disassembled.)

How to Reassemble the Model 149-249 Fork Leg:

  1. Hold the lower fork tube in a vise at the lower fitting.
  2. Drop rubber bumper ring inside lower tube.
  3. Coat the lower spring seat gasket with grease to hold in position, place on plunger rod and assemble rod into lower fork tube. Install the lockwasher and nut–tighten firmly.
  4. Pour eight ounces (1/2 pt.) of Love-Joy type shock absorber fluid into the lower tube and place the springs over the plunger rod.
  5. Screw the plunger rod assembling tool (#150108) or wheel spoke in the end of the plunger rod and assemble the upper tube over the rod into the lower tube. Guide the flat-sided end of the plunger rod into position through the hole at the upper end.
  6. Compress the spring and install the lockwasher and nut on the plunger rod. Remove the tool or spoke and tighten the nut.
  7. Apply shellac or gasket compound around the outside surfaces of the bushing and oil seals.
  8. Place the bushing and then the oil seals, with the lips of the seal down, over the upper tube.
  9. Slide the bushing and the two seals down into the lower tube and push into position.
  10. Install the seal retaining ring, using care to be sure it is fully seated in the groove.
    Note: Arrows with engine numbers below ADI-2594 and Scouts with engine numbers below BDI-1185 do not have the rubber bumper ring assembled in the fork legs.

Walter Brown
Service Manager


We appreciate the fine cooperation we are receiving from you dealers in sending in reports on the 149 and 249 models.

You may assist us further by being sure that the engine numbers and speedometer readings are included.

Please use Form S-10 when sending in reports on the new models. These forms will be supplied at your request.

Thank you.

Walter Brown
Service Manager

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