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There are three points on each front fork side where there is a possible chance for fluid to leak out.

  1. At the fork spring lower seat gasket (1454003). This gasket is located at the extreme lower end of the fork between the fork plunger and the fork lower tube.
    It will be necessary to replace gasket #1454003 when there is a leak at this point, making sure the metal surfaces are clean and free of chips and dirt.
  2. At the fork bearing oil seals (#1762004 ) two (2) used. These seals are located in the top end of the fork lower tube.
    It will be necessary to disassemble the fork from the motorcycle, take the fork apart and inspect the seals for irregular surfaces . Clean the seals that may have dirt imbedded in them and replace the seals that may be damaged. Apply shellac or gasket compound to the outside surface of the seals when reassembling them.
  3. At the fork member and upper bracket anchor cap (#1284007) cadmium plated on 149 models and #1234008 chrome plated on 249 models). This is the hex headed cap at the extreme top end of the fork sides.
    Remove the hex head caps and apply shellac or gasket compound to the threads, screw back into place and allow
    time for the shellac or gasket compound to set before using the motorcycle.

There are no mechanical adjustments in the Model 149-249 forks.

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