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161 – Model 346 Clutch Assembly


The clutch assembly on the model 346 has been changed to assure more complete disengagement.

The clutch make-up consists of:

6-25-B-94Driver plate, moldedplain1/8″
2-22-B-154Driver plate, moldedgrooved3/16″
6-22-B-33Driven platesteel1/16″
1-387004Main Shaft Driver

The clutch plates are assembled into the clutch sprocket in the following order:

1-28-B154Driver plate 3/16″ molded with groves
(Assemble with the grooves facing out.)
2-22-B-33Dirven plate – steel
3-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″ molded
4-22-B33Driven plate – steel
5-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″ molded
6-22-B-33Driven plate – steel
7-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″ molded
8-22-B-33Driven plate – steel
9-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″molded
10-22-B-33Driven plate – steel
11-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″ molded
12-22-B-33Driven plate – steel
13-25-B-94Driver plate, 1/8″ molded
14-28-B-154Driver plate, 3/16″ molded – grooved.
(Assembled with the grooves facing out.)

The new clutch assembly complete can be used on all 45 and 74 models from 1935 to 1945, and model 741.

Do not mix main shaft drivers, part numbers 22-B-43, and 387004 in your parts stock as part number 387004 is shorter and must be used only as part of the above clutch assembly.

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