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158 – Corbin Speedometer Service Information


If repairs cannot be made in your service station, we recommend that the instrument be sent to our Repair Department, Corbin Screw Di vision, New Britain, Connecticut, with your purchase order covering the Speedometer. We will put the instrument in good order and return it to you with our bill for new parts used and labor required.

If your customer must have a speedometer to be used while repairs are being made at the factory, then it is advisable to carry service heads which can be loaned as required.

80-mile, 100-mile, and 110-mile max hand service heads are available at a special net price of $4.50 each and are marked “Service Head”.


Care should be taken when replacing the ring, glass and bezel to avoid any buckling of the dial by too great pressure. This will cause the dial to bind the maximum speed hand or odometer dials.

After replacing the ring, glass and bezel, check up on the running of the governor as it sometimes happens that the adjustment of the bearing is disturbed so that the shaft binds in the bearings. The governor shaft should turn freely with the least possible amount of play.


Unless it is necessary to clean the heed of the speedometer due to extremely long service, or a broken glass, lubrication should not be necessary. If the odometer and inside parts need to be cleaned, rinse thoroughly in gasoline. When dry lubricate as follows:

Use Vaseline only. Apply a small amount to the following parts only………

  • A. Ball Bearings at either end of the governor shaft.
  • B. The worm and gear on the governor shaft for driving the odometer.
  • C. The lower and upper bearings of the odometer driving pinion. This is a vertical pinion supported at the lower end in the cup and at the upper end in the odometer.
  • D. The heads of studs S-65, S-134 ratchet pawl guide and governor springs and screws, but not on governor shaft.


  1. Raise the end of the hand over the stop pin at zero and bring it downward as far as it will go marking this point on the outside edge of the dial.
  2. Remove hand and dial.
  3. When replacing the hand, place it over the shaft in the center with a light pressure so as to turn with some friction on the shaft but without a pressure so tight that it will not turn.
  4. Rotate the hand to the left, lifting the end over the stop pin and bring it downward until over the mark to take up all backlash.
  5. Put on and tighten small nut using small socket wrench. If speedometer is of the older type without nut; fix hand in position by light blow using hollow punch.
  6. Lift the end of the hand over the top of the stop pin to the upper side.

Service Information supplied by Corbin Speedometer to


Service Manager

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