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134 – Special Bulletin For Military Motorcycles, Blackout Equipment Changeover

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This shield is packed with the rear half of the rear fender and should be assembled to the machine as “operation 29”. See “Set-UP Instructions”.

Distributor shield for radio suppression properly assembled. Shield is held in place by a clamp and bolt under the tank and at the distributor advance control arm.


  1. Remove the protecting tape from the distributor.
  2. Clean the distributor according to regular procedure for removing rust proofing agents.
  3. Remove nut and lockwasher from the shield upper brace just under the tank. Leave the “Shakeproof” I.E.T. washer in place. This washer goes between the shield and brace with a standard lockwasher on the outside of the shield.
  4. Loosen nut underneath the distributor advance control arm.
  5. Hold the shield in position as indicated in the above illustration, and slide the slotted lower shield brace in between the advance arm and the “Shakeproof” I.E.T. washer.
  6. Assemble the shield to the top brace bolt. (Shakeproof washer in back of shield between shield and brace.)
  7. Assemble top brace bolt. Standard lockwasher and nut. Tighten in place.
  8. Tighten the lower brace bolt at the control arm.
  9. Operate the spark control grip to check and make sure that the shield does not interfere with the operation of the “advance” and “retard” movement of the distributor.


FORM M686 GP 5M 7/1/43

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