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Re-Launch of www.Indian-Motorcycles.com

Announcing the Re-Launch of www.Indian-Motorcycles.com!

I must appoligze that we started our Indian Motorcycle Club Website in 2014 and it started strong, but then life got in the way and it got invaded by spammers since I did not have the time to look after the site.

Well the good news is we have fully relaunched the site! This is an all-inclusive Indian Motorcycle News website. We have articles detailing the history of Indian Motorcycle Company from 1901 through today's Polaris era.

We have installed the latest forum software so you can post your questions and hopefully get a response from other forum members. The site and forum is 100% search engine friendly. When you post a question it will quickly get found by the search bots and shown to people with similar questions. Also, unlike facebook, the forum setup gives you the user an easy way to search for answers to questions that can be years old. Please visit the forums and give them a spin, log in and say Hi!

With some time we hope you will have a home where you can locate all your Indian Motorcycle information in one place. Please join our newly relaunched Indian Motorcycle community at www.Indian-Motorcycles.com.

Please let me know what you like or don't like and we can make changes as required so you can make it your home.


Gary Stark

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