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Upper Girder Fork Stem Bracket

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#227006 – Upper Girder Fork Bracket

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#227006 – Upper Girder Fork Bracket

New exact reproduction of the upper girder fork bracket.
Rebuilding a basket case and when you try to place the cross shaft through the upper bracket and you find out it’s bent. Well we finally have a solution with this exact reproduction bracket. This item is so close it can not be identified from an original when mounted on your bike.

Notice how we have improved the part by increasing the height of the ridges that grab the rubber in your handlebar risers, this will greatly increase the bite into the rubber and help prevent your risers from moving. (This is why we said it can’t be identified from an original when mounted, since you can’t see our improvement when installed, but you can tell the difference when it’s not mounted).

(Does not include bushings – Order #191017B separately)

U/M: Each
Finish: Bare
Models: Chief
Years: 1946, 1947, 1948

Manufactured Exclusively by Starklite Cycle

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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