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PANEL, 48-53 STEEL DASH Unplated

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#629004 1948 – 1953 Steel Dash Panel.

This is an exact reproduction of the 1948-1953 Indian Steel Dash Panel. It is so close to an original that it is almost impossible to identify it from an original dash panel.

How were we able to get our panel so close? In our archives we found an original drawing from the original manufacture with all the original dimensions. We gave this drawing and a new old stock dash panel to our tool and die maker. Two die sets later we came out with this perfect part! Why two die sets? The first set did not give us a perfect part. To cut costs the tool maker made the dies too small. This caused a crease to form in the stamped parts because the dies did not have enough mass to overcome the complexity of the shape. This was unacceptable, so we asked for a second larger die set to be made, and that solved the problem. We now get perfect stamped parts.

(The dash panel is also available in triple plated Show chrome, see part #629004C)

U/M: Each
Finish: Bare Steel

Manufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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