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Ignition Coil – 12volt

Starklite Cycle is now having our ignition coils special manufactured to our own specifications. We are now able to offer a top of the line ignition coil at prices less than your local auto parts store offers for a standard coil.


  • Internal Resistor (for use on 12volt systems only)
  • “O”-Ring Top Seal – Most conventional coils use a flat cut gasket. Our coils use a round o-ring seal which provides much more compression and better leak resistance. Especially when used in side mounting installations. This “O”-Ring seal is standard on coils made by Bosch.
  • Once piece bobbin – Our bobbin assembly is one piece thermoplastic inclusive of the base and winding sections. Some coils use two pieces, one for the winding and another for the base. This can lead to excessive movement inside the coils and wire breakage.
  • Heavy Duty damper spring – The bobbin assembly is connected to the secondary output terminal and held in place by a compression spring. This spring dampens the vibration of the bobbin assembly while allowing the requisite clearance to assemble the coil. We use an extra wide heavy duty stainless steel spring where some coils use a narrow light duty spring.
  • Available in 6volt and 12 volt versions.

Volts: 12 volt
Manufactured Exclusively for Starklite Cycle

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in


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