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102447B – Brass Carburetor Float
Starklite has been selling Brass floats since the 80’s. The quality was really good, until the USA supplier was unable to supply floats.
When the USA manufactured supply stopped, a company in India started making brass floats (approx 2001). The floats we sold were made by this company.
Quality control by the manufacture was sorely lacking. We started testing every float before we sold it. And this became very time consuming, and we were still unable to catch all of the Bad”, (leaky), floats.
After becoming discouraged at the quality of the floats we were selling, we decided in late 2008 to make our own floats. After researching, and talking with experts in the field, we decided upon the molded floats made from Nitrophyl foam. The finished product is now available. It is part #102447. The Nitrophyl foam float is supperior to the brass floats we were previously selling. They will not sink!
After reading this, and you still want a made in India Brass float we still have a few left on our shelf. We offer no guarenty (we used to replace them for you at no charge if they developed a leak, since it was all we offered). But now that we have a supperior product, and we have warned you to the potential for a sunk float, it’s your choice.
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