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Service Bulletin I-12 Generator Drive Gear


A steel generator drive gear has been made to replace the fiber gear formerly used. These gears may be ordered from our Parts Department or from your parts distributor.

Part No. 1,462015Generator Drive Gear$3.25 list
(This item is available for immediate deliery)


  1. Remove the cam case cover and pull the Generator idler gear cluster off the stud.
  2. Remove the retaining ring, spring washer, friction washer, and fiber gear. Discard the spring washer.
  3. Clean the steel gear and inspect the drive pin hole. If the hole is damaged and the surface of the gear rough – smooth the surface of the gear.
  4. Install the drive gear. Using the pin hole as a guide, drill a new hole 1/8 inch in diameter and 3/16 inch deep in the other gear.
  5. Install the pin, friction washer, retaining ring. The spring washer is not used.
  6. Place the gear cluster on the stud and install the cam case cover.
  7. IMPORTANT: Check the Back Lash In the Gears, as Shown On the Attached Service Bulletin.


In all installations use the original idler gear and shaft assembly to assure proper tooth mesh between the intake cam shaft gear and the idler gear. Never replace a gear in the cam case without checking the finish on the other gears.
Gears which are cadmium plated must not be used in combination with unplated gears and vice versa.

The following parts are used in the assembly of the gear.

1638005Drive pin
1917001Friction washer
1710004Retaining ring

The needle bearings may be replaced if found to be worn.

191002Needle bearing

Press the needle bearings in from each end of the idler gear shaft until the bearing case is just below the surface of the shaft. NOTE: When installing needle bearings, apply pressure on the end of the bearing case which is marked
with the bearing number. Pressing on the unmarked end will collapse the bearing case.

Walter Brown
Service Manager


When installing the #1462015 Generator Drive Gear {Steel) to replace the fiber gear, install one #1638005 drive pin, as directed in Service Bulletin I-12, then drill both gears and install an additional drive pin on the opposite side of the shaft.

Under conditions of rapid acceleration and deceleration, the generator exerts very high pressure on the drive pin and a single pin may be sheared.

Use a drill which will give a firm drive fit for the pin.

Walter Brown
Service Manager

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