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Indian’s 45ci OHV HIllclimber

Indian’s 1926 & 1927 45ci OHV Hillclimber

   In 1926 and 1927, Indian produced a total of twenty-six 45 cubic inch overhead valve engines. Most of the engines were fitted to hillclimbing machines. Pay close attention to the various old photographs of these machines, since their owners modified all of these extensively, there can be no definition of a factory-original OHV hillclimber.

   The two camshafts ran in self-aligning ball bearings and the crankshaft was also ball bearing mounted. The connecting rod big end was equipped with roller bearings, while the piston pin end had a conventional plain bearing. These bikes were fitted with two oil pumps. One of the two pumps fed the lower end, and the other supplied oil to the rear of the front cylinder. The first few engines had cast iron cylinder heads but the later engines were equipped with aluminum heads.

   The performance of these 26 machines was formidable, as they used a 15:1 compression ratio and burned alcohol.
   During the 30’s both Indian and Harley Davidson showed active interest in hillclimbing, as it produced good publicity

Take special notice of the frame clearance. With the valve rockers in place, very little room is left.
Also notice the early model transimission that was used.

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