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Cluster Gear Bearing Installation

1. Press one bearing into Left side of gear as shown on diagram. Press on Flat side of bearing. Do not press on rounded side of bearing, as this can cause the rollers to freeze up.
2. Press one bearing into Right side of gear. Again pressing on Flat side of the Bearing.
3. Press the second bearing into the right side of the gear as shown on the diagram.
NOTE: End of bearings must not protrude out of gear.
4. Select proper thrust washers to get end play of approximately .010 inch. Install the thinnest of the washers you have selected on the right (output) side. Use the remaining washers on the left (large gear) side. Use grease or other suitable holding agent to hold the right side washer in place while installing the gear in the transmission.
5. Install remaining thrust washers you have selected on the left side (large gear) side.
6. Gently tap gear from side to side using a wooden or brass rod. This will seat the thrust washers.
7. Final Check your end play and that needles still roll. Note: You may use your original spacer between the bearings if desired. This is only a safety precaution. But if done, the slot in the spacer must line up with the holes in the gear to allow for lubrication.
Two bearings this end
One bearing this side
By carefully following these directions you will get the best results installing your transmission gears. All Starklite Cycle gears are manufactured to surpass original factory specifications. If you have any questions please feel free to call or write. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality parts to get your INDIAN back on the road. Thank You
Note: Press Bearings in. Do not tap, making sure they are just below T/W surface.


This tech sheet will help you install our 19A59-B Cluster Gear Bearings and the 19A59-C Cluster Gear Thrust Washers. (Click on the part numbers to be directed to the store to purchase if required)

If you have any questions please give us a call 951-968-3070


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