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Shell – Indian Script Battery

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#188002S Indian Motorcycle Battery Shell

This is a shell that looks exactly like the original Indian Motorcycle battery. We have duplicated the writing/filling instructions on the battery side along with the proper look of the fill caps on the top of the battery.
The inner battery slides into the shell and connects via wires to the terminals that allow you to wire the shell just like a real battery on the outside of the shell.

Strongest shell available: Our shells are the strongest manufactured in the industry! They are so strong a 200lb person can stand on the top of it without it collapsing, breaking or falling apart!

Tip: The shells are black when we ship them, but paint the word “Indian”, on the shell, the base color of your motorcycle to make it stand out!

Shell Only-

Also available with the following internal batteries

Battery Options:

Standard 6V Conventional Lead Acid Battery (Shipped Dry) 11amp/hr

Standard 6V Conventional Lead Acid Battery (Shipped with Acid Pack – not avail for international shipping, or air express services) 11amp/hr

Standard 12V Conventional Lead Acid Battery (Shipped Dry) 11amp/hr

Standard 12V Conventional Lead Acid Battery (Shipped with Acid Pack – Not available for international shipping, or air express services) 11amp/hr

#188002B12AGM – 12v sealed agm battery

NEW Shorai 6V or 12V Lithium Ion Battery – 18amp/hr
Compared to Lead acid batteries:

  • The Ultimate battery – Place it in the shell and forget about it! No Maintenance
  • Extremely Light 1/3rd the weight of conventional batteries
  • Much Lower self-discharge rate ( do not sulfate) – Can last for over 12 months without becoming discharged!
  • Longer Life: We expect Shorai batteries to last 5 to 6 years and under ideal storage conditions we expect 8-10 years to be achievable. Due to their lack of sulfation and slow-self discharge, Shorai LFX increase battery life most for users who sometimes store their vehicles for weeks or months at a time, and don’t want to or can’t use a battery tender.
  • Never need to check water levels since there is no acid to sulfate away!
  • Will not harm your expensive antique motorcycle with acid sulfation. Completely clean!
  • Better for your antique motorcycle than other AGM/sealed/Maintenance-free batteries, because they still have acid that can cause problems.
  • For more information on Shorai Batteries:

Battery Shell Manufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in


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