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169 – Instructions On How To Use “Parts Returned For Factory Adjustment Tag” (Form M-709)


  1. This TAG is to be used when returning damaged parts from new Indian motorcycles for examination and decision under the Indian warranty.
  2. It is also to be used when returning “New Stock Parts” found to be defective or damaged in shipment. (It is not to be used for forks and frames sent in for repairs.)
  3. When sending in damaged or defective “New Stock’ Parts” for credit or replacement, you must list the original
    invoice date and number. Therefore, it is necessary for you to save and file the invoice slips received in
    each shipment of parts.
  4. We absolutely will not make a replacement or issue a credit unless we receive TAG M-709 completely filled
    out with each shipment of material.
  5. If this TAG is not received, the material will be held fifteen days and then dispose of.
  6. Transportation charges must be prepaid on all parts sent to the Factory for inspection.
    This tag (M-7O9) is furnished without charge. You may request a supply at any time according to your needs.
    Order on Advertising Form M44O.
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