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1936 Chief Item #: 101140 -

    #101140 Taillight lens gasket - ThickWe make a thin and thick version of this gasket. Depending upon your taillight base and glass you may need the thick or thin version of this gasket.With our new taillight assemblies we use the thin version of the gasket.U/M: EaManufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle

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      LENS, Exact Reproduction Tail light
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      1936 Chief Item #: 101278 -

        #101278 Indian Taillight lens - Red/Yellow Glass Exact ReproductionOur lens is handmade in the United States by some of the last great artisans around! Molded glass is an art that is loosing it's battle to plastics. We have teamed up with one of the few remaining companies that still pours glass and is able to make a dual colored glass.We have duplicated our lens to be an exact reproduction of the original.Exact ReproductionLUX" as original molded into glass on the outside of the lensCorrect...

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        Item #: 40524 -

          #40524 Rubber Tail light PadExact reproduction of the Indian Tali light pad that fits under the tail light baseManufactured exclusively by Starklite CycleU/M: EachFits Models: Chief, FourYears: 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1952

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          Item #: 101127 -

            RING, TAILLITE RETAININGThis is the ring that holds the glass taillight into the base assembly. U/M: EachMatl: StainlessFinish: BareManufactured Exclusively by Starklite Cycle

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            Item #: 935016-S -

              Socket - TaillightReplacement Socket for replacement style taillight bases.Does not work for our new exact repo style taillight baseThis item has been discontinued since we now make an exact reproduction taillight base.

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              1936 Chief Item #: 935016 -

                935016 Armored Tail Light WireExact Reproduction of the Armored Tail Light WireIncludes Bullet connectors soldered on to one end, and tail light bulb connector soldered on to the other end.Manufactured by Starklite CycleU/M: EachFits Models: Chief, Four, Sport ScoutYears:1936 Chief, 1937 Chief, 1938 Chief, 1939 Chief, 1940 Chief, 1941 Chief, 1942 Chief, 1944 Chief, 1945 Chief, 1946 Chief, 1947 Chief, 1948 Chief, 1950 Chief, 1951 Chief, 1952 Chief, 1953 Chief1936 Four, 1937 Four, 1938 Four,...

                Taillight,Complete Exact Reproduction
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                Item #: 562003 -

                  #562003 Indian Motorcycle Exact Reproduction Taillight AssemblyNEW for 2010 - W have just finished new tooling so we can make a 100% accurate Rear Taillight Assembly. Never before has a taillight been made this accurate. This� is the taillight you will need to help achieve 100 point judging details for your motorcycle restoration!Even if you are not having your bike judged this taillight represents the best value available anywhere!Our taillights come complete. They are completely assembled...