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    DVD - Indian Summer A History of the Original American Motorcycle
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      DVD - Indian Summer - A History of the original American MotorcycleJoin the filmmaker on an incredible journey into the heart of Indian motorcycles, as he travels the country interviewing Indian motorcycle legends.This is a great movie to add to your collectionNote: This is a digital transfer from VHS to DVDU/M: EA

      DVD - Rebuilding the Indian Four
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        DVD - Rebuilding the Indian FourThis is a digital transfer from VHS to DVD of� Rebuilding the Indian Four by Max Bubeck.Max Bubeck has ridden Indian Fours since the 1930's! He has ridden over 190,000 miles on the Four's, probably more miles than any other rider on these motorcycles! Even at the age of 90+ he is still riding!Join Max in this video while he shows you how he achieved so many miles on his Four. He will show you how to disassemble your engine, modify your engine and how to...

        DVD -1920 Indian Boardtrack Racing
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          Video - DVD - 1920's Old Motorcycle Newsreels & Indian Board Track Racing FilmAmateur Board track racing film by Mr Frantisek Marik who was the imported or American Indian Motorcycles to the Czech Republic. This race was filmed by him while vacationing in Daytona Florida.If you look closely you will see Indian Racing Legends such as Jeddy Castrol and Gene Walker.For a 1920 film this is of excellent quality and clarity and does not have the jerkiness of similar time period videos.Also includes...

          DVD -Old Indians Never Die
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            Video - Dvd - Old Indians Never Die"This is a story about two men�.and some Indians. Meeting in Scotland in 2000 for a Indian Motorcycle Rally at Traquair House Scotland.Christian Zimmerman and Alan Forbes are from different countries and speak different languages, but they share a common and unifying passion � Indian motorcycles.Since 1901, when the first Indian emerged from Springfield, Massachusetts, there has been an enduring love affair between rider and this splendid machine. Although...

            LEATHER KEY CASE
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                We've been going through our old stock of parts and found these NEW OLD STOCK" Ring sets in the Original Indian Boxes. Get a box for your memorabilia collection. The boxes are in perfect condition ! Limited Quantity - Complete NOS Ring set in original Indian Box"