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1944 Indian Chief

FOR SALE Ė 1944 Indian Chief ďEssential Civilian UseĒ spring frame.

This is a matching number bike that has just completed a total restoration.  Most of the machine was restored using ORIGINAL parts.  Not many aftermarket parts used.  Just the tires, tubes, S.S. spokes, battery, cables, oil & gas caps, gas petcocks, wiring and rubber parts are aftermarket.  This bike was previously owned by a good friend of Bob Starkís, and he did the engine work, as well as putting the frame and fork on his jigs to make sure all was straight.  All of the black on the bike is powdercoat.  There was very little chrome on these bikes originally, and I have tried to stick to that.  The exhaust is chrome, as is the headlight.  The tanks are black because the guy I bought it from had them redone than had those beautiful Indian heads airbrushed and I didnít have the heart to paint over them.  The rest of the bike is correct Indian Red.  I have enough paint to redo the tanks if the buyer choses.  Itís a left shift, right hand throttle.  Itís still a 6 volt elec. system.  The bike runs beautifully, but has zero miles.  My hobby is rebuilding machinery.  When itís done, time to move on.  In case you donít know what ďEssential Civilian UseĒ means, Iíll explain.  According to a copy of the original 1944 Indian sales brochure that I have, ďAll orders for new motorcycles must be approved by the Office of Civilian Requirements of the War Production Board.Ē  This means you had to have a job that was essential to the war effort to get permission to buy transportation.  There were no new cars being produced during the war.  Also, the reason for the non-skirted fenders was to use less metal.  These fenders are unique.  They are not revamped Scout fenders.  The serial number of the bike is in the high 700ís.  Engine is CDD7XX, frame is 3447XX.

     Please email with any questions.  I have all receipts to document restoration.  I am asking $20,000 for the bike.  Much less than you could buy one and restore it.  There are kits offered on this website for a lot more than that.  Buyer is responsible for inspection and shipping.



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